The Umbrellas

Josie had been eyeing umbrellas for awhile. To be honest, I remember her wanting one of her own last spring. All I kept thinking was that it would be just another thing I would need to remember to lug around with all the other things you need to haul for three kids (extra clothes, epi pens, snacks, drinks, etc…). Plus we have plenty of unused umbrellas around this house somewhere. I’ve never been a huge fan of umbrellas. I feel like unless you are dressed up with your hair done up they are overrated. Just another item to hold on to and not forget somewhere.

So this spring is rolling along and a few of Josie’s classmates have umbrellas. She never asked me for one. She just made comments like, “Luke has a neat umbrella doesn’t he mom?” Then last week when it was raining again she said, “I was going to ask Luke if he would share his umbrella with me to the cars, but I saw you and he didn’t see his mom yet. I put up my hood and made a run for it.” After a moment she said, “Man, if it keeps raining like this we might need to get me an umbrella.”

That’s what I love about Josie. She never gets the case of the give-mes. She doesn’t have this expectation that if someone else has something she should automatically too. When were were in Disney World in January, there were tons of kids with every trinket imaginable. Josie, Will & Ben had saved up their money and each picked out a toy. After that they never once asked for anything additional. I hope they continue to grow up with that attitude.

So back to the umbrella(s)… Josie has chores to do like clean up her room, unload the silverware, and just help me when I need it… and I need a lot of help! About a week ago she asked if we can start giving her money. She wants to save up to buy her brother’s a birthday present. I made a deal with the kids. Instead of Josie earning money this week if they all helped me around the house after lunch I would take them to Target to pick out umbrellas. I put them all to work and they all did awesome.

Josie opted for a Spiderman umbrella. Will went with Batman. Ben got the last Aurora umbrella on the shelf and was so delighted. Since our big purchase it has rained several times. I’ve never seen three kids so pumped for rain.

IMG_1137This hangs on our fridge… my favorite “chore” is no fighting!


Sticks for rewards. We try to give a popsicle stick for doing a good deed or chore. When they do something bad we take a stick away, no one likes that.

IMG_1136 Will scrubbing the table to earn his umbrella

IMG_1133 Josie cleaning the chairs.

IMG_1134Ben working the broom vac for his princess umbrella.


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