Summer is flying by and I have so much to catch up on here. These stories couldn’t wait.

Story #1: We were playing the Headbandz game. Ben had a picture of a hat on his headband. Josie was trying to give him a hint. She said, “Ben it’s something you wear on your head…” To which Ben said in a very enthused voice with hand gestures and all, “A TIARA!”

Josie: No Ben. Not a Tiara. Something else you’d wear on your head.

Ben: A crown?!

Josie: No.

Ben: A headband? (in a very unsure voice)

Josie: No Ben. A Hat. You wear a hat on your head!

Ben: Oh. I don’t like hats.

I was cracking up listening to this all play out.

Story #2:We are eating dinner tonight. I ask Josie if she decided what she wants to be when she grows up. She usually has great answers that entertain me. For a long time Josie would tell me she wanted to be a janitor because she wanted to take out the trash (This is how I know she is related to Grandshe…her obsession with trash). But tonight she just told me she hasn’t decided. Ben piped up and informed me he wanted to be a pig. Josie rolled her eyes (a skill she is perfecting) and told Ben you can’t grow up to be a pig. At the same time Will, who prefers to be the funniest kid in the family, decided to announce he wants to be a scrotum when he grows up. Yes, that’s right folks, you read that correctly. Which brings me to story #3…

Story #3: Billy is going to the bathroom with the door open. Will is watching and grabs his own scrotum and asks what it is called. Billy hesitates for a moment. The boys call their penises a tail and Billy thought he should maybe start teaching them the proper terms. Thus, he informed Will it was called a scrotum. Without hesitation, Will says, “That’s what makes your pants so big dad!” End scene.


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