Kindergarten Rocks!

Josie started all day kindergarten Monday, August 19th. We survived our first week! Here are a few stories from the first week of school.

  • Josie had to draw a picture of her family. She told Billy that she only made a couple lines of hair on the sides of her dad’s head then informed her teacher “my dad doesn’t have ANY hair on the top of his head”.
  • Josie brought her lunch everyday. I might get sick of packing it, but I wanted to make sure she would eat a good lunch. One day she brought a little smoothie drink and was still thirsty. So she grabbed a chocolate milk from the cafeteria. I told oh good, I’ll put some money in your account and you can just get milk when you need it. Josie said, “No mom, you don’t need money! You just give them your name and they give you the milk.”
  • There is a little boy named Jose in Josie’s class. The teacher wrote Josie’s full name on everything, so Josie kept going up to Jose’s name thinking it was hers. I now have a soft spot for Jose.
  • She insisted on bringing an apple on the last day of school for her teacher. She asked if she could wear her t-shirt that looks like a bow tie and suspenders along with her seersucker suit pants. We compromised on the shirt with shorts. She hid it behind her back and pulled it out for her teacher and smiled so big. It made my heart proud.
  • When I picked Josie up on the last day of the first week, I said, “You did it Jos! Week one is under your belt”. Her response, “Yup, and I cannot wait to take my nap tomorrow. Now I get it mom. I used to think I didn’t need a nap, but now I get it. I am going to take a real good nap tomorrow.” She slept for 3 hours yesterday!



An Apple for her teacher…. The start of a great school year!


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