Summer Camps

We had a lot of fun in camps this summer. Some were for all three kids and some were for one of the three. We started the summer off with Josie in Peter Pan camp, Ben in Princess camp, and Will at Mama camp. I tried really hard not to make mama camp just running errands with me while the other two were learning and playing. But I have to admit at least one trip to the grocery store and one trip to Target were part of Will’s mama camp. It was nice for the two of us to have some one on one time. It is rare…It was somewhat quiet without all three, but Will chatted more than ever!

Ben was in his glory at Princess Camp. He woke up every morning excited. There was one day he came home and told me a girl was teasing him. My mama bear instincts were about to jump out when I calmly asked, why. He said, “She told me that my shoes are for babies!” Of all the things this little girl could have said to the first boy to attend that camp ever, I was relieved. I told him to point to the Nike symbol and say “my mom wears Nikes so theses can’t be for babies silly” and walk away. Beyond the baby shoe incident it was a magical experience for him.

All three kids did a week of sports camp, super hero camp, messy camp, and bible study camp. They loved getting to try out new things and spend time with each other; they got along really well at all camps. I think they have this mentality that they have to stick together when facing the world. I like it. Each day, Will would wake up a little apprehensive (even though he counted down the days till these camps). Each day, Josie and Ben would offer to hold his hand and they’d walk in. They are a united front and melting my heart along the way.


Ben, Josie, and Will at Messy Camp!


All the kids at messy camp!


Josie picking up tennis balls at the end of tennis camp.


Sports Camp!  – Josie isn’t enthused by the kiddy mask. Will and Ben loved them.


Ben and Quinn at the first day of princess camp!


Josie graduated from Safety City.


Bible Camp, all three loved it!


Will & Ben at the end of Super Hero Camp


All of the arts and crafts the kids made at camps!


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