Happy 4th Birthday Boys!

The boy’s birthday was over a month ago, but I couldn’t not write about it. They had such a fun celebration. We had a birthday party at Walnut Grove Park in Omaha the weekend prior. They had a Super Hero themed party. Will wanted Superman and Ben wanted Wonder Woman. We put pictures of the Joker, Penguin, Cat Woman, and kryptonite up on trees. We caught the bad guys with water balloons and silly string. We made capes for each kid. It was perfect. On their actual birthday we had a wedding to attend. Grandshe and Pop-Pop where making their way to Chicago to celebrate Maeve’s 8th birthday so they were here to babysit the kids. The day after we all ventured to the zoo. We have a zoo pass and go pretty often. While we are there I usually get asked to ride the camel, train, or carousel. I almost always get asked to get their face painted, as they have never done that. Each time I tell them no or only let them do one thing. Every time we do this drill I’m always impressed with the kids. They always so ok mom or may next time mom? So when we were there a few weeks before I declared on your birthday you get to do all the things I normally say no to. They lived it up! We did all of the above and played on the playground, fed giraffes, and explored everything possible to do. It was so much fun!

Birthdayboys Boys invite!

IMG_8539 IMG_8522  IMG_2089 IMG_8518 IMG_8524 IMG_8531


Birthday party in Omaha fun!

IMG_2106   Birthday golf outfits from Grandparents Bemis, Will & Ben



Celebration in Des Moines… Actual birthday, birthday gift costumes, fun at the zoo, then we hit up the golf course!


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