Our summer

This summer was OUR summer. I say that because I felt like the kids grasped so many things that I was in awe with how much they caught onto and grew.  It was still a lot of work, but for the first time, this summer didn’t feel like work! All three became strong swimmers. Josie can swim in the deep end of the pool without a life jacket. This is huge. She can jump off the diving board and swim to the ladder too. The first time she did it I was so nervous for her. Josie was nervous too! She was apprehensive to jump. We went over and over what she would need to do once she hit the water to float up. When she conquered her fear and popped up beaming from ear to ear I wanted to jump for joy. OK fine, I DID jump for joy. Watching my kids excel is such a thrill.

Both boys learned to swim in the middle pool without a life jacket. They are close to getting in the deep pool without one too. If the pools would have stayed open just a bit longer I think they would have accomplished it. Next year!

All three figured out how to summersault frontwards and backwards. Josie figured it out and showed the boys. They quickly followed suit. Will was the first to flip off the side of the pool and next thing you know Ben and Josie learned too.

Besides hitting up the pool a lot, we did some family golf and tennis. On both of these events, I take a more laid back, just watch and enjoy the scenery approach. But from what I can tell, they all are catching on and truly enjoying it. They ask to play all the time. Josie and Will will often grab a tennis ball and racquet and hit it against the garage doors. Ben likes both sports, but not as much as the other two.

We had a family vacation to San Diego in June. It was so much fun. We rented a house on the beach with Jay, Danielle, and baby Jules. We spent time at the beach, each couple had a date night, explored Balboa Park, Legoland, Sea World, and the Dad’s even got in some golf. It worked out well and was great to have extra time with family.


San Diego Fun!

Speaking of family, this summer our other cousin Maeve came to visit. We jammed in a lot of fun over the weekend! Farmer’s Market, swimming, and playing in the backyard. It was such a great visit.

IMG_1801Will, Josie, Ben, and Maeve at Fong’s Pizza

The kids and I spent some extra time in Omaha with Grandshe. At some point I know kid activities may consume our summers (well they sort of do now!) so I try to take advantage of it now while they are younger. We stayed a few extra days after a couple of trips back home. The kids love Omaha. They love it so much that after we got home from San Diego we were talking about family vacations. Josie declared Omaha is her favorite family vacation. Ben tells us all the time that he is going to live with Grandshe when he grows up and goes to college. While we were in Omaha one time, Billy drove us by his middle school for fun. We talked about how far it was for him to walk home. Ben said, “That’s going to be a long walk for me when I live with Grandshe!”




The Clown Family at Tim Jone’s benefit.            We won the annual croquet tourney again!




IMG_2136 Grandshe and Josie’s reading the paper before bed.


Fun times at Aunt Terri’s house…Will in Blue, Ben in Pink.



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