New Jos in town

Last week while Billy was traveling for work, I realized all three kids needed a good haircut. I’ve asked Josie before if she wanted to cut her hair shorter like her cousin Maeve’s. I was thinking chin length with a headband. She always said no, I think partially because of the headband part. But on her own accord this time, Josie said she wanted to cut short. Real short. She said, “Like Grammy B short or like how you used to have yours.” I called the professionals then we jumped onto Pinterest to find some inspiration. We found several pixie cuts and we did it! Josie giggled and smiled the entire time she was in the chair. She was giddy. I am happy because when you see your kid so happy you can’t help but be happy too! We’ll work on the occasional hair accessory when the holidays approach!

Last weekend I was running the Chicago Marathon. When I got home Josie had some exciting news to share…she has a wiggly tooth! This is a year long dream come true. Last year in half day kindergarten there was a tooth for every month hung in the classroom. Some kid in her class got to put his name on each tooth each month.  She was sure her tooth was loose all last year and now it finally is happening!

Josie has become quit the artist. She loves making little books or drawings. The other day she drew a picture of Batman and Robin. She wrote my name above Robin and Bill’s name above Batman. This made me beam for a few reasons:

1. She knows how super her parents truly are.

2. She made me so dainty.

3. She finally realized we are in fact a dynamic duo.

Josie had her first race at school. She finished a mile in 13:10. I was impressed considering she did make a couple of water break stops. She raised funds for school and had a blast. Maybe she’ll catch on to running sooner than I did!

Speaking of running, yesterday we cheered on the Des Moines Marathon runners. It is such a cool experience to watch. Without being prompted, Josie started to hand out “free high fives.” She looked at me and said, “I remember they like this.” The kid is sweet.

Today she is home sick from school for the first time in forever. Poor thing was up most of the night sick. She continued to be sick this morning and slept almost all afternoon. Here’s to hoping it’s out of her system!

Josie New Hair Josie’s new hair do

SuperheroDynamic Duo

WebsterRaceAround Race Around Webster

freehighfiveFree High Fives!

familyYou MUST DASH to the finish line… HA. Get it?!


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