A day with my boys

On Friday the boys and I had a fantastic day! We did so many errands and fun things…all in super hero costumes! Life is better when you feel super!

We started the day with a visit to Starbucks, then ran a couple of errands and then to our monthly visit to see the grandmas and grandpas at the retirement home. A fellow mama coordinates the visit, plans activities, songs, and books. We love it. We used to go to this retirement home when the boys were babies, but didn’t get to go at all last year because Josie got out of school at the same time as the visit.

It’s interesting for me to see my normal shy Will feel so comfortable there. Will usually doesn’t like new situations. He takes a little longer to warm up. But when we go there, he is a natural. He is the first to talk to each person as we walk around the circle. Ben follows suit but a little more reluctant. Last month, Will carefully tossed a beach ball to a lady for a long time. No words were exchanged but both were giggling. It was so neat to see.

This time we did a lot of Halloween games, like race with a pumpkin between your knees (think small pumpkin). When it was all over we were saying our goodbyes. The ladies adore these gentlemen of mine. They request kisses and hugs. Actually, they don’t request they demand. Like your grandma used to do, actually like my mom does to them. Maybe that’s why they are used to it. They don’t hesitate and just love on these ladies. It’s adorable.

After that we headed out for a fun mommy and boys lunch. They did a great job of using their manners. The waitress was smitten with them. I’m thinking we might wear super hero costumes everywhere.

Before we headed home, we decided to get their photo in front of their billboard. Yes, the boys (and Josie) are famous for at least another week. Thanks to the Red Kettle Run!

Starbucks stopWill and Ben outside of Starbucks

Retirement home visit

Raising Ladies men who happen to be super heroes.

mummy contestWill wrapping up Ben as a mummy.

Boysbillboard Hard to see the billboard, but the boys sure look cool!



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