As Josie would say, “Fineitly” her first tooth fell out!

I went to Chicago for the Marathon and Josie’s tooth started to wiggle. I go back to Chicago two weeks later for my brother’s birthday and said tooth falls out! I’m heading back to Chicago this week and wondering what other milestone will happen!

The tooth came out on Uncle Danny’s birthday at school. Per Josie after lunch she pulled it out. She was pumped. They gave her a treasure box to put it in. To celebrate Josie and Dad went to Chicken Coop for dinner. Then she wrote the Tooth Fairy a request to keep her tooth. The next morning the tooth fairy obliged and left a dollar coin. She put her tooth in front of same pillow I had for the Tooth Fairy.

Webster-20131028-00164 Webster-20131028-00166 Webster-20131028-00165 Webster-20131028-00162


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