Project Give Thanks 2013

We did our annual give thanks project with the kids. Overall, it was a success. Two funny stories that go along with this project… Ben told me on the way to school one day that he wanted to be homeless. This was after we had done a can food drive, sock drive, made birthday boxes for the kids in the shelter, etc… I think he decided they get all this stuff that he wanted (especially that birthday box we made). I told Billy our project give thanks is back firing. He told me not to worry since Ben wanted to be a cat the week prior, at least now he wants to be a human.

One morning Josie came up to me with a big grin on her face. She hugged me then said, “I am thankful we have this house to keep us warm and I am thankful for you and dad!” I was thrilled. She was getting the message. All the work was paying off. I asked her what made her think to say that. Josie told me, “Well, we read this book at school yesterday and it was all about being thankful.” Great. I could have just read a book! Oy.

Here’s our project list:


Day 1: Apple Crisp and cards for good friends who are always there.

day2Day 2: Cheering on over 600 runners at the red kettle run. We showed the kids all the shampoo, toilet paper, etc donated for those in need.

IMG_2821Day 3: Sock Drive kick off…inspiration here

IMG_2828 Day 4: Thank you cards to over 20 people who donated to St. Jude run over my birthday weekend.

IMG_2748Day 5: thankful for strangers who share stories that save lives.

IMG_2858Day 6: Support Systems.

IMG_2874Day 7: Birthday boxes for kids in shelter. They will have all the supplies to celebrate and a gift card for a toy or cupcakes.

IMG_2880 Day 8: Thankful for Kortney who organizes our monthly retirement home visits. We made bags for meals on wheels.

IMG_2881 Dropping of the birthday boxes

IMG_2901Day 9: Lots of goods made for two floors of nurses. The NICU nurses that took care of the boys and the PICU nurses who cared for Ben during his peanut reaction.

IMG_2909Same day we thanked the nurses, Ben got a card from them!

IMG_2943Day 10: Local Fireman for keeping us safe.

IMG_2975Day 11 Veteran’s Day: Mailed Candy to soliders

IMG_2985Day 12: Crossing Guard thanks for keeping all the kids safe.

IMG_2999Day 13: Thankful I get to volunteer in Josie’s class.

IMG_3016Day 14: Can Drive for those in need. Great convo on how the food gets to those who need it.

IMG_3039 Day 15: We are thankful for family! Chicken Divan for Aunt Danielle. Baby James will be here soon.

IMG_3049Day 16: Thankful for friendships that last a lifetime and the experiences that go with… oh and GBR!

IMG_3069Day 17: Thankful for Grandshe

IMG_3092Day 18: We made lunch for dad. Kids decorated napkins, lunch bag, and put lots of love in there.

IMG_3103Day 19: Thankful for our teachers! Gave them treats, cards, and gift mart tickets.

IMG_3153Day 20: Placemats created for Ronald McDonald House.

IMG_3156Day 21: Cards for Children’s Cancer Connection

IMG_3165Delivery to Ronald McDonald House

IMG_3158Day 22: Donation for Junior League’s Bargain Basket. Proceeds go back into community.

IMG_3189Day 23: Thankful for our wonderful babysitter!

IMG_3196Day 24: Kids and Billy made ME breakfast!

IMG_3217Day 25: Thankful we live in a community that has great local restaurants that give back.

IMG_3236Day 26: Kids and I weeded through toys to donate

IMG_3234 Last year’s Thankful for you project on a postcard for Children’s Cancer Connection

IMG_3239Day 27: Thankful for Family time!

IMG_3282Day 28: Thankful for Thanksgiving!


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