Pianist in the house!

Josie has been taking piano lessons for a couple of months. Billy takes her each week as he has been doing guitar at the same time. While the lessons aren’t in the same room, they have enjoyed bonding time on the car rides. It’s something special just the two of them get to do together.

Each week the piano teacher asks Josie if she wants to perform at the winter recital. Each week Josie says “no, maybe next year.” Until last week. That’s when she said she would do it. I think the teacher sold her on punch & cookies.

So today we went to our first recital. She rocked it! Josie was third. The first two only did one song, so it didn’t give us a lot of time to understand how these things work. That’s where Josie’s confidence comes in handy. She was calm & cool. I was nervous!

I love seeing the kids try new things.
Way to go Josie!

Oh and I bribed her to wear the shoes. Mama’s gotta do what a mama’s gotta do.

20131214-151958.jpg Josie, Will, Bill, and Ben waiting for our turn

20131214-152017.jpg I had to take this picture, not sure when I’ll see her in shoes like this again.

photo 1 Will and Mom doing selfies in the van. The other two fell asleep right before the piano recital so we gave them a couple of minutes before we went in.

photo 2 Josie in the program.

photo 3 Posing after cookies and punch.

photo 4Will, Josie, and Ben in front of the baby grand.

Click here to listen to Jolly Old Saint Nicolas. 


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