We can fly!

This weekend we went to the Des Moines Playhouse production of Peter Pan. It was awesome! The kids loved it and so did Billy and I. The boys were a little nervous about those pirates (they looked so real!), but otherwise it was a hit. We had the opportunity to check out things backstage as an auction item we won from the Hollywood Halloween event. They showed us how the actor climbs into the crocodile costume and how heavy the same actor’s dog suit is. We saw how the actors fly! We all loved seeing the ins and outs of the theatre.

After the tour, we stayed for a bit to watch the cast do a photo shoot. The kids recognized the actress who played Glinda in the Wizard of Oz last Christmas and the pirate who was the Cowardly Lion. What’s great about community theatre? Not only did both take the time to come over and chat with the kids, they each spent some time sharing some inside scoop on the play. Like how there are two arrows to give the illusion that Wendy is hit by one. Or that the swords are real, just not sharp. Or that they had a fight scene person come in and teach them how to use the swords. The kids ate up all this information.  They were so mesmerized by the whole production of the photo shoot that we couldn’t get them to leave. They each took turns saying, “just one more please”!

If you get the opportunity to check out this holiday classic, you should go!

20131216-232332.jpgThe cast getting ready for the photo shoot.

20131216-232325.jpg New Pose…The kids loved finding out Peter Pan was played by a girl…We are all about gender equality around here.

20131216-232315.jpgWill and Ben

20131216-232305.jpgBen, Josie, and Will striking a pose.



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