More Allergies…

The same week Ben had an allergic reaction to peanuts, Josie had to go the ER because she had a bad rash and her eye swelled up. We couldn’t figure out why it happened. We gave her the prescribed steroids and it didn’t come back. We spoke to the pediatrician that week and she recommended we have the allergist take a look. A month later, we finally had our appointment.

The good news: Josie doesn’t have any food allergies. She was so nervous that she couldn’t have peanut butter so this was a huge relief!

The bad news: Josie is allergic to all types of grass. She is allergic to those little prickly brown sticker weeds that line the field in our backyard (awesome). The big kicker was to find out that she has a severe case of ragweed allergy. That’s what they believe made her eye swell on November 2nd. They did the allergy test on her back and had her wait 10 minutes. After that we waited for the doctor to come back in. The Doctor was so surprised by the ragweed  reaction that she had four others come in and take a look. They all told Josie that if their was a medal for biggest ragweed reaction Josie would earn it. They gave her medicine, cream, and an ice pack for it to go down. Two days later, and a shower too,  you can still see a small red bump   where she was tested. Crazy!

We now need to give Josie (and Will, who also has a grass allergy) medicine from April 1st to June 30th. Then Josie will get it again in August (after a one month break) for the Ragweed allergy until the first hard frost. We need to go back in August as they want to make sure she is responding well to the medicine.

20131219-132039.jpg After just a couple minutes the grass allergies (Top left) popped up. As did the Ragweed (bottom left), but it ended up getting so much bigger….

20131219-132054.jpg About 5 minutes into the testing.

20131219-132105.jpgThis was right before the doctor came in…The Ragweed started to spread, turn red the skin on her side. Poor Thing!


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