Josie asked me on the way to the allergist’s office, “Is this a long walk?” I said no. To which she said, “Good because I’m not a walker, but I am a talker!” That you are Josie.

Will walked up to me and very seriously and said, “Mom, you and dad are Hilarious!” I asked him what it meant and he said, “Funny mom. You are very funny.” Well thanks Will, I like to be the funny one.

Ben got in trouble awhile ago in dance class for interrupting by saying over and over, “I am sassy like lady gaga,” as he wiggled his hips back and forth and pointed his pointer finger in the air.

Last night we had a sushi night with Jami & Finn. At one point, Jami asked each boy if they had a favorite book. Ben replied, “I like books about princesses. And Fashion.” I was cracking up.


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