Most Wonderful Time of the Year!


Will and Ben with their Teacher at the Happy Birthday Jesus Party at preschool.


Family Time, White Christmas!


Hockey game from Santa.


Christmas Brunch with good friends.

IMG_3667 Christmas at Grandshe’s house

IMG_3766  Twins x 2

IMG_3767  Will attempting to catch his presents.


Grandshe, Will, Ben, and Josie – The Christmas Crew

IMG_3787  Uncle Johnny with Josie and Ben

I LOVE the holidays. It’s all about family, being together and food. How can that be bad?!

We kicked off the Christmas season with the boys “Happy Birthday Jesus” Celebration at school.  Ben was a camel and Will was a innkeeper. They took their parts very serious. It was a hoot to watch. Afterwards we played games and ate cake. Perfect.

Our family Christmas was the weekend before the Christmas. Thank goodness for technology, we just sent Santa a text message to let him know he needed to come early (like we’ve done the past 6 years). It was the best Christmas.

We watched White Christmas with the kids for our Christmas Eve. Billy and I went to the play earlier in the month and we kept thinking how much the kids would love the singing and dancing. They did LOVE it. They watched the whole thing and finally understood where Grandshe and her sister’s got that silly song they sing at Christmas each year.

After that, we put cookies out for Santa and Carrots out for the Reindeer. We sprinkled glitter and oatmeal out on the front lawn to make sure the reindeer found our house. In the morning, the kids loved opening presents, eating reindeer pancakes and just playing all day long. We went to a Iowa Wild hockey game that evening. Santa left tickets in their stockings!

Sunday morning we went to our friends house for a holiday brunch. It was a blast, until Ben started to get a fever. Then we quickly exited and prayed we didn’t get our friends sick…Later I found out we did not, get anyone sick, phew!

Monday Billy worked and we started to device a plan for the holidays. We weren’t 100% sure we should go home with Ben not feeling well and Will starting to get the same virus. There has been so many cold virus going around. They effect the boys the worse. The doctors tell us it’s because they were premies they don’t have a great immune system. When they get colds they get ear infections and fevers. Josie can bring home a cold from school and barely have a sniffle. She’ll be not herself for a day then back to normal. In the mean time the boys are down and out for a few days and guaranteed to have an ear infection.

I was able to get the boys on an antibiotic and we monitored their fevers. By Tuesday morning (Christmas Eve) Ben didn’t have a fever and Will had 100 even. We decided we’d go and by the time we see anyone we should be good. It worked! The boys were happy and not showing any signs of being sick anymore! Christmas miracle.

We had a fun time at Aunt Patty and Uncle Mark’s Christmas Eve. The kids play so great together. Wednesday morning we celebrated with Grandshe, PopPop, and Uncle Danny. That afternoon we headed over to the Bemis side for more celebrating. We all were excited to see our newest family member, sweet baby James.

From the beginning to the end, it was truly the most magical time of the year.


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