IMG_3851   Josie at the Science Center practicing her weather skills…note: There is a Wild Will storm in the west and Ben warning in the east.

IMG_3882   Caroline and Will doing selfies.

IMG_3251    Nothing says NYE like putting your kids in a cage. Kidding, they were playing with the bunny…good acting wouldn’t you say?!

Our new year’s eve was off the hook. Or as Ben would say, EPIC. Seriously, he’s been using this word to describe things and doing it in the right context. Cracks me up.

The kids and I explored the Science Center’s Noon New Year’s celebration. It was a mad house. We had some fun then made the mistake of trying to get a balloon animal made. We sat in line for 45minutes and walked away sans balloons when we were told it’d be another 1.5 hours…YIKES. The kids loved when they did the count down and dropped the balloons. Josie told me, “That was fun, we can never do it again.” Apparently she was traumatized by that balloon animal line.

When Billy got home from work, we went to the Maher’s house to celebrate. It’s fun, like a zoo of sorts. They have fish, cats, dogs, a rabbit and I’m sure I’m missing an animal or two. The kids love it. Will started off as his usual fear-of-animals-self, but by the time we left he was petting Hilltop the service dog in training. This made us all happy.

Last year we had to do a fake 9pm celebration for the kids. This year we all were playing the Just Dance game non-stop and lost track of time. If the kids were getting restless or showed any signs of falling apart or asleep we would have jetted sooner…but all of a sudden it was 11:45! My kids have never stayed up that late, unless they were sick. We rang in the new year with confetti, silly string, and anything else that would trash the house. It was fantastic. By 1:30am we made it home.


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