Quotes as of late…

The kids have been on a roll lately with their one liners. They keep Billy and I cracking up. Here’s a few of the latest:

I’m excited to think of my New Year’s REVOLUTION – Jos 

Grandshe lets us be lazy bums – Will

Quinoa with kale is Excuse et moi – Ben

The best thing I’ve ever had in life is my family’s love – Josie 

When I get older I’m only going to visit Josie. I’m serious – Will

The wind stopped doing boom boom pow – Ben after 70mile wind gusts. 

I’ve wrote something very important, The Grandshe Constitution! – Josie

I have old lady hands! – Ben after swimming for two hours.

That song is catchy! – Will after hearing Miley Cyrus on the radio (oy!)

If I don’t have kids when I grow up, can I adopt? Then my future aunt can find my baby – Josie (no pressure Uncle Johnny).

I think that’s the sandwich you threw up on – Ben after hearing a commercial for McDonald’s. Referring to the time I was 6 and tossed my cookies in my dad’s car. 

Makeup doesn’t make you look beautiful mom, you make you beautiful – Josie after I said it hurts to be beautiful while applying


Call me No Shirt Boy! – Will announcing his super hero name.

Call me Gymnastic Girl! – Ben announcing his super hero name.

Give me the dimes! – Ben as gymnastic girl, referring to our pretend diamonds.

Hey Dad, you always toot in mom’s face – Will at the dinner table (thank goodness this is false).

Hey mom, do you admire dad’s toots?! – Will at the dinner table. We are working on what’s appropriate and what’s not…

Good Gravy! – Ben exclaiming after dropping something. 

I love you to pieces – Ben before bed.

That’s not funny. What’s funny is Modern Family – Josie at school, raised her hand to inform the teacher that the character in the book being read isn’t as funny as the show we let her watch (finer parenting moment). 



My super Heroes, Ben and Will. Image 

Josie and Uncle Johnny 



Gymnastics Girl


No Shirt Boy


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