Big Dreams

Josie has been telling everyone that she plans to be President. She started checking out presidential and history books to memorize facts. It’s something my brother Jay did as a kindergartner too. She told her teachers they can come visit her in the white house. She told her brothers they can come to watch movies and bowl on Saturdays. I asked her if I can come on saturdays too, she told me very seriously, “if your still alive… yes”. The kid cracks me up.

Will has declared he is going to be a hockey player. He has asked for months for me to sign him up. We are in between seasons, so today when they announced the next season it was like Christmas around here. He is pumped. We took the kids to a hockey game around Christmas and since then he has been hooked. Here’s hoping he enjoys it as much as he thinks he will!

We’ve been watching a lot of the olympics. Ben keeps telling us, he too will be on the ice as well. He wants to be an ice dancer. I thought he had the wrong term and kept correcting him to say ice skater. Long story short, I found out the kid is right. There is such a thing as an ice dancer. Why do I doubt him? Ben started taking gymnastics last week. He took it last year and loved it, but at the beginning of the year he chose dance instead. This will be a good change. Plus he informed me, gymnastics is going to help him with his ice dancing. He’s probably right!

IMG_3934 IMG_3885 Josie with a pile of books before bed, this is very typical. She was working on some big plans one night and called for a family meeting to discuss the plans. She was so serious, I snuck the above photo without her noticing.


IMG_4015Will playing hard at Josie’s kindergarten visit day. He knew we would get to visit her gym class so insisted on wearing the sweat band. Safety first! Josie is wearing PJ’s because it was also PJ day at school. Ben does have his shirt on backwards. I fixed that after this picture. My little rag-a-muffins, I wouldn’t change them for anything!

IMG_4101 Daydreaming of ice dancing.


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