Date Day – Ben

Ben’s date day did not surround a play, but it was surrounded by a ton of fun. The two of us ditched the rest of the fam after church a few weeks ago and headed to the theatre. Ben fell in love with the movie Frozen. We saw it in the theatre at Thanksgiving with cousin Maeve and the rest of our crew. We normally would never see a movie again in the theatre, so this was a BIG treat. It was even better the second time. Watching him sing every song was fantastic.

After the movie we hit the mall for some shopping. Ben picked out an outfit perfect for Ben. Then, we met our friend Eric for pedicures. It was Ben and Eric’s first time and they both loved it. Eric was so sweet to do the same painting pattern on his toes as Ben, pink and purple.

Since having his pedicure, Ben is hooked. We drive by the nail salon and he points to it and gushes about how much he enjoyed it. Will now wants to try one since Ben has highly recommends it.


IMG_3943 Date day with Benny

IMG_3944 IMG_3949 IMG_3957 IMG_3952


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