Date Day – Josie

It all started with four tickets to Rain – The Beatles Experience. We go every time the show comes to Des Moines. As Beatle fans, who even have a Beatles themed blog, when a show that chronicles the rockers from the start of the their career to the end, you go!

Our love for the Beatles has been passed down to our kids. Josie’s room is decorated in Beatles picture and blankets. Each kid can name the Beatles, who sings what, and can pretty much tell you all the words to every song. We have a book that tells you about each song, that’s what they pick for bed time stories. When Josie first heard about Yoko Ono, she said, “I do not like this mysterious lady.”

This year we thought it was time to take Josie. As a thank you to my mom for helping with the kids while we were in Memphis, we thought the two of them would be the perfect “double date” to bring with us.

We were feeling guilty as the boys would love the show just as much, but they may not be able to make it to the end. So we decided each kid needed a fun date with a parent. We’ve done this from time to time before. When you are always out numbered by your kids, it’s a treat for everyone to get one on one time!

So back to the Beatles. On Josie’s date night the boys were sick (AGAIN, it’s been a long winter!).  We decided Billy could stay with the boys and Grandshe, Josie and I would go to the show. With a last minute spare ticket, we invited our friend Jill. She was the perfect addition to our group as we all love Jill. The four of us ladies had a ball. Josie was singing along to every song. She would randomly give her own standing ovations. She tapped her shoe, clapped her hands, waved the peace sign with the best of them. It was a great joy to watch her in her element.

At one point, Jill said it’s a good thing you brought me. With those two peas in a pod you would have felt like a third wheel. It’s the truth. Josie and Grandshe giggled and whispered in between each song. Those two really are two peas in a pod.

IMG_4053 Souvenir drumsticks in hand.

IMG_4054 The kid has style…and binoculars. Look out.

IMG_4055 Me and my girls

IMG_4048 Me and Jill during intermission


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