Date Day – Will

Will was the last to have his date day. He went to Blue Man Group with Billy last night. Our dates were spread out over a month or so. It made me realize that each kid was patient and handled the others going on their special date with grace. No tantrums that it wasn’t their turn yet or that they didn’t get to go first. Maybe it’s another sign that they all are growing up. This is one of the benefits of them getting bigger!

Will, Josie, Ben, and I went to Every Family Rocks Saturday afternoon. It was a very fun day and great to see Justin Roberts in concert again. We all had a blast but the minute Justin finished, Will was ready to go. I couldn’t figure out why until I realized he was ready to on his date with Dad.

Will had watched YouTube videos on Blue Man Group to prep for the event. He was so pumped. Luckily when they entered the theatre a civic center usher gave Billy ear plugs for Will. Once the show started he stuck those in and was set. Will said his favorite part of the show was when one of the blue men turned into a chicken. Billy said Will was a little nervous through the show but Will said over and over how much he loved it.

The final date date ended with Orange Leaf for dessert and one happy little man.

IMG_4201 IMG_4213


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