In February we packed up the fam and headed south west to visit Uncle Richie and Aunt Bre. It was a rocky start to the week as both boys were sick… again (this winter was definitely our worst!). Luckily I got them both on an antibiotic before we took off.

We weren’t sure how Will would do at their house as he still has a major fear of dogs. Ironically, Ben who is allergic to dogs, is not fearful anymore. After a full 24 hours, Will was doing great. He no longer needed us to carry him, keep him on the counters, or hold his hands to pass by Bailey. Bailey, also known as our dog cousin, was a trooper. At one point, I think she purposely stayed outside to get away from her little cousins!

We took advantage of the mountains that were a mere 25 minutes away. Brighton was the perfect place for the kids to try skiing and snow boarding. It wasn’t too busy and they had great ski school instructors.

Josie was determined to learn to snowboard. We kept telling her it’d be more difficult than skiing and tried several times to coax her into trying skiing the first time. But when Josie decides something, she doesn’t let a challenge like it being more difficult, get in her way. She really did awesome. After each of her lessons she advanced onto the next level. Her instructors told us she was the best in the class. She would get off the chair lift without falling (something that I don’t always do). Josie started to figure out how to turn by the last lesson. Yes, she fell. A lot. But she got back up. That’s one of the things I love most about Josie. She never gives up. Around here, we say, “We are Bemis’ we don’t give up!” Josie takes that to heart.

Will loved ski school and did really well. Just going into the program and listening to his instructors without me holding his hand is a big deal for Will. He has really come a long way. He still gets apprehensive in new settings, so I was truly impressed with how well he handled it.  Will took three lessons and by the time we picked him up from ski school, he no longer had his front skis tied together.

Ben was not a fan of skiing. In fact, he told us next time he’ll just hang out with mom and drink hot cocoa the whole time. He did about 1/2 of one lesson. Going down the mountain with a pack of kids and one instructor wasn’t his cup of tea. Poor kid was so scared. He did go down the mountain a couple of times with Billy. Otherwise, the two of us went hiking, ate a bigger second breakfast, and just took in all the sights.

I tried skiing for the first time. It was fun to try something new. And the poles…how great are they?! I remember hoping and having to unclip often if you were in a flat area on a snowboard.

Billy went back to skiing. He hasn’t skied in a while, but picked it up where he left off. He went with Rich and Bre while I watched ski school kiddos, hung out with Ben, or was in a lesson myself. I didn’t get to make it all the way to the top this time, but I didn’t mind. It was so fun to be there and capture the kids trying something new for the first time. I loved it.

Our last day we all went ice skating, another first for the Bemis kids. It was awesome. Ben has declared he will be a ice dancer. Will plans to be on the ice too, but in a hockey uniform. Josie was all over the ice, snowboarding definitely came more natural to her.

We flew home Sunday night and had President’s Day to get back into the groove of things. It was a great vacation.

IMG_4221 Will and Bailey…SUCCESS!

IMG_4129 Ben on brake from our hike

IMG_4130 Josie leaving Snowboarding school

IMG_4137 Group photo, Will, Ben, and Josie in front

IMG_4132 Snow board girls

IMG_4179 Rich, Ben, and Bre at the Olympic ice skating rink

IMG_4184 Will, my future hockey player.


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