Texts from Dad

I’ve been missing my dad. It might be because this weekend I head home to close out his bank account and turn in the checks donated to charity in his honor. It might be because I see things all around me that make me think of him. From a song in a play, to a shirt I think he would look good in, to my kid’s favorite books that he bought them, I’m still struggling to realize he isn’t here anymore. I guess he is here, just not in the way I’d like him.

Tonight, I decided to do something I’ve been debating on doing for awhile… I opened up my text messages from him. I’m putting them on here. Not for anyone else but me. I don’t want to loose these on my phone someday. I want to treasure them and save them to look back on when I’m missing him. I find myself trying to hold on to him, this is just another way.

IMG_4923 He sent this 15 days before he was gone. He never wanted the attention on him. He was having his own health issues, but didn’t want us to worry, ever.

IMG_4924 This is from the last time I got to see him, and great advice to remember. Thanks Dad.

IMG_4925 From the Daddy daughter dance. I knew it’d bring him good memories of us.

IMG_4926 Even though he didn’t want me to worry, I always did.


IMG_4929 Dad worked hard to make sure the kids got what they wanted not what he thought they should want. Accepting my kids for who they are meant so much to me.

IMG_4928  This. This is perfect. 

IMG_4931IMG_4930 My biggest fan.

IMG_4932   My dad was great with his words.

IMG_4934 Loved his humor. Dry, not loud and crazy like me.


IMG_4938IMG_4937 Dad and Mom watched the kids for us on the boy’s actual birthday as we had a wedding to attend. After we went to the zoo on Sunday for the boy’s 4th birthday celebration, Mom & Dad were heading to Chicago to see Maeve for her birthday. Their road trips to Chicago were always entertaining. Glad I got to go on the final one for Dan’s 40th birthday. It was a whirlwind, but lots of laughs along the way.

IMG_4939 Just liked the beauty sleep line.


IMG_4941 Mother’s Day note. I cherish this.

IMG_4942 My dad was always understanding of how many people wanted to see us while in town. We were always grateful.

IMG_4943 Reminder to me to watch some John Wayne soon.




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