This Kid

Josie always amazes me. Last night was her first school musical concert. She sang her heart out. Little Jośe next to her cried, alligator tears streaming down his cheeks. It broke my heart. Afterwards I asked Jos what he was crying about and she told me he wanted his mom & dad. I saw her talking to him and asked what she said and Josie told me she told him “it’s ok Jośe. We are almost done”. At a very young age Josie showed empathy. Now at nearly 7 she continues to care for others. I hope she never looses that. Josie tells us her super power is reading minds. This morning, I told her that’s how she is able to help comfort people all the time.

Tonight, we went shopping. The kid has grown out of all pjs and some clothes. When we left the store, I told her how proud I was that she never asked over the past month for more pjs (she only had one pair that really fit!). Instead she waited patiently till I could take her to buy new ones. I said, “Josie you never ask for a lot.” To which she said, “mom, I don’t ask for a lot but I do give a lot.” Don’t change my Josie girl.

IMG_9233 IMG_9247


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