One is Silver the other Gold

Friday night was a tough conversation. We had to tell the kids their best friends (and ours) were moving.

Josie and Lane are a month apart and pretty much since day one they’ve been together. For nearly 7 years they have called each other besties. They’ve been in the same preschool class and kindergarten class. All of the above means we’ve shared a lot of special moments throughout the years together. They fight like brother and sister, now they just tell everyone they are brother and sister.

Last week at the park, Lane introduced Josie, “This is my bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world. Actually, she’s my sister.”

Friday as Lane’s dad drove by, Josie told the neighbor, “That’s my brother’s dad, Joe”.

If opposites attract, Lane and Josie are a prime example. Lane loves sports. Josie loves books. Yet they are two peas in a pod that stick together. They always have each other’s backs. Josie was happy to show Lane how you get just milk when you bring a cold lunch to school. Or how the running club at recess works. Lane got Josie & Will into hockey, he gives tips and compliments freely. Both take care of each other in their own way.

Friday night, I sang the song Grandshe taught the kids, “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold”. I asked Josie what she thought it meant. She quickly told me the meaning and also said, “Lane will always be my gold.” I thought maybe she knew where this was going, maybe she overheard conversations being had.

I was wrong. When I shared that they were going to move, I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I don’t like seeing my kids hurt. Josie was devastated, I knew that would be the case. What I wasn’t prepared for was how bad Will took it. Will idolizes Lane. Will actually is a mini-Lane. He sobbed.

We’ve promised to find a slumber party date before they move. Josie has asked for a slumber party with Lane since she was 4. We promised visits to Topeka and knowing they’ll be back in September and staying with us helped ease the kids pain.

The Wittrock’s will always be our gold.


Josie home from the hospital, Lane still in Jill’s belly. 



Lane in the middle, Josie in pink… New Year’s Eve 2008

IMG_0366 Josie and Lane on a date at Caribou

photo-60  Josie and Lane at Will & Ben’s birthday party 2011 

IMG_3034 Lane and Josie at 4 year old Preschool 2011.

IMG_0168   Give Thanks in November – Thankful for good friends 2012

IMG_9252 Kindergarten Musical 2014




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