7 year old in the house

The summer is flying by and I realized I didn’t post anything about Josie’s big birthday. Her birthday was a whirlwind weekend, but wonderful all at once.

Friday, June 6th, Josie had her birthday celebration. The day after her mustache birthday party last year, she declared she wanted an Elvis birthday. She stuck with Elvis all year till about one more before her birthday when she realized (according to Josie) she couldn’t have an Elvis party before having a BEATLES BASH!

For the first time, we also let her invite her entire Kindergarten class…I was very thankful Josie’s birthday is at the beginning of summer and most could not attend. It was the perfect size, 7 kids!

We played Beatles inspired backyard games, we devoured Beatles food, and played Beatles Rock Band. It was so fun!

On Josie’s official birthday, we had a hockey tournament. Josie and Will’s team ended up winning their division. Josie scored more goals on her birthday than she did ALL season. It was very exciting.

Beatles-Invitation-01 IMG_9386IMG_9342 IMG_9344 IMG_9345 IMG_9346 IMG_9385 IMG_5220IMG_5229


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