Slow down summer!

It’s the beginning of August and school will be starting before we know it! Here’s some highlights from our summer:

  • We remodeled our kitchen and are getting new carpet tomorrow!
  • We had three fish, I mean kids, on swim team this year.
  • We kicked off our St. Jude fundraising for our family 1/2 marathon on my birthday in Memphis.
  • Josie did summer golf league…just like Billy.
  • A week of fun for all three kids at Playhouse commercial camp.
  • Josie lost both front top teeth this summer. First one with Morgan on the way to VBS camp and the second top last weekend at Wakonda by the pool.
  • I started working 3 days a week, which means the kids had loads of fun with Jessica Maher 3 times a week.
  • I moved to a new role at Chrysalis, Marketing and Fund Development Manager.
  • We traveled: Omaha for Grammy’s birthday, Chicago with Grandshe, Colorado, and I just got back from KC for a girl’s weekend that included Justin Timberlake concert.

IMG_9420 IMG_9422 IMG_9427 IMG_9430 IMG_9437 Swim meet fun!

IMG_5377 IMG_5305 Summer adventures.


IMG_5392 IMG_5393  Playhouse camp…Josie and Ben telling Will he didn’t need to be nervous.

IMG_5253 IMG_5414

Bye bye old kitchen, Hello  new!

IMG_5627 IMG_5628  ChicagoIMG_9450 IMG_9567  ColoradoIMG_5808 Lemonade stand for St. Jude.


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