First Day of School 2014






Josie (7) started First Grade on August 18th. Will & Ben (5 as of the day before school started) are in all day Pre-K at Webster. They call it the 4year old program, which sort of stinks because the boys know they aren’t 4! I explained to them that in their old preschool, everyone turned the next age right after school started. Literally, in the two year old classroom, by November everyone was three and it continued in that pattern for three and four year old classrooms too. We decided to hold them back, just like we did with Josie. But instead of sending them to half day kindergarten we are doing all day preschool…and paying a small fortune. If they were four it would be free. Oh well, in the long run we know it is the best thing for everyone!

Everyone was pumped for the first day of school. Josie was so anxious I didn’t even get to walk her down the hallway to her class. Unlike the past three years, the boys didn’t have any anxiety or tears. It was great to be able to walk out with all three kids ready to learn.

My mom asked me if I was at all sad that they didn’t act like they needed me. I was thrilled. Leaving them in a good state is so much better than worrying about them all day.

They’ve been in school for exactly a month and continue to love it.

Josie and Will started roller hockey again. Once the season is over they plan to try basketball at the Y. Ben is now doing gymnastics at Chow’s because it is right down the street from hockey. This is where Shawn Johnson and Gabby Douglas, the olympians, practiced. Needless to say, Ben is pumped. He keeps asking when he can try out for the Olympics! Ben and Josie take piano once a week. Josie started CCD  and the boys have Sunday school starting tomorrow. To say we are busy is an understatement! We are having a blast though.

IMG_9693 IMG_9694 IMG_9695 IMG_9698 IMG_9699 Bike ride to school

IMG_9706  IMG_9707

IMG_9709 IMG_9710 Ben and Will getting settled in to their classroom.


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