Give Thanks 2014 Part 1

We are over half way through the month of Give Thanks. It’s the time where I start to think, what have we started? Then I remember, giving thanks doesn’t need to be a production. Giving thanks just needs to come from the heart. Our lives are busy. We have so much going on all the time, it’s easy to loose focus and get lost in the weeds of the day to day. November is my yearly reminder to take a moment to appreciate the people you can’t do this whole life thing without. It’s also a perfect time to not just tell the kids, but show them… it is better to give than to receive. So here’s where we are at for the month:
Day1 – To kick off our month of give thanks we wanted to start with something very special…grandparents! We got up earlier before the NE game to bring flowers and love to all the grandparents. Lucky for us, we are spending the whole day with Grandpa at the game, so we might buy him a hot dog to enjoy! Cheers to a fun kickoff to our favorite family tradition.
Day2 – Today marked the end of Josie & Will’s second season of roller hockey. It’s amazing how much they have improved since last spring. We are very thankful for their awesome coaches that dedicate hours of time to teach them the love of a sport and how to be a good sports!
Day3 – Last night, when we were eating dinner, we started to plan what we would give thanks for today. As Will gobbled up his chicken, he said “Let’s thank the chickens!” Josie said we shouldn’t thank the chickens, but the farmers that bring food to our table. While we don’t know any farmers directly, we DO have friends who have dads and grandpas that farm. So we wrote cards to them. I can’t decide what card I like best: “Wow Beans!” or “I love Bacon” (with the c backwards). Either way, today we thank the farmers, cards are going in the mail now! (The kids thought it was so cool when Lane’s Grandpa wrote them back!)
Day4 – The kids teachers were who we gave thanks to today. We gave them each an apple and gift mart ticket. Nothing says I’m thankful for you, like tickets to gift mart! We are blessed to have great teachers. It’s wonderful to know the kids are in good hands when they aren’t with us.
Day5 – Someone we know is dealing with the loss of a loved one so we made chicken and wild rice soup for them. We talked about how many wonderful people helped us with meals when we lost our PopPop. I’ll never forget the generosity that we received when we needed it. Today we give thanks that we can turn the table around and be on the giving side.
Day6 – After sending thanks to their teachers, the kids decided we needed to give thanks to “ALL the school helpers”. This morning they decorated a container of pumpkin donut holes for the school office staff. We delivered them along with some fancy hot cocoa, and a card.
Day7 – I know what you are thinking…horrible parenting skills are happening. It’s 8am and the Bemis kids are hanging out with a bowl of candy! Actually the kids decided to donate 84pieces of candy to soldiers serving our country. Why 84? Beats me, that’s just the number they all agreed on. Josie said, “Candy is not my life.” Crack me up.
Day8 – Today we are thankful for GOOD FRIENDS!
Day9 – With the temperature dropping this week, we decided to gather up coats, snow pants, and boots that we’ve outgrown to donate to a shelter.
Day10 – I came home after my meetings to this little guy proudly showing off cards they created for kids in the hospital. On the inside of Josie’s card it says “get well soon. take your medicine.”
Day11 – In honor of Veterans day we wanted to do something special. Unfortunately, the cold weather and timing of events didn’t work in our favor. So we decided to spend some time in our toy room weeding through what we can donate to the Disabled American Veterans. This ended up making more of a mess than anything else, but a good start. Hopefully by the time we coordinate a pick up, our pile will be more substantial.
Day12 – While Jos was in CCD, the boys and I started working on our group give thanks project for ChildServe. Did you know 110 kids live there? Our goal is to make a TDay card for each resident. Want to help?! Let me know. Back to the crayolas…
Day13 – Sam is pretty awesome. She picks the kids up from school on Thursdays so I can work past 3pm. She teaches them piano and all three kids love her to pieces. Bonus: the kids are becoming musicians, it actually sounds like music! We are thankful for you, Sam!
Day14 – baking after school for the staff at the hospital all 3 kids were born. Delivery will happen tomorrow…hopefully before the snow starts!
Day 15 – placemats created this morning for the Ronald McDonald house. We delivered those with our collected pop tabs and some arts & crafts. We dropped get well cards at hospital along with cookies for the NICU nurses. It never fails, 5 years after the boys were born, I still remember our stay like it was yesterday. I always want to hug each nurse on staff but find myself chocked up every year we visit.

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