Funny Stuff…

Over Christmas, Uncle Danny told Josie he is married to his job. This struck up a whole lot of interesting thoughts by Josie: “I’ve never met his job. I hope it’s nice.” “Once uncle Johnny gets married, all my uncles will be married”.

Will was sad at bed time one night. When we asked what his problem was, he told us “I have a real problem. Everyone wants to be my friend. I have too many friends.” Josie told him that’s not a real problem, she has it worse. “Not everyone wants to be friends with a tomboy, you have a good problem to have Will!”

Ben was praying after Grandshe’s shoulder surgery that she heals quickly and feels better soon. Josie followed up with, “Please God let the Seattle Seahawks win the Super Bowl”. Thankfully, God listened to Ben’s prayers…I don’t think he heard Josie’s prayer!


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