8 is GREAT, Josie’s Golden Birthday!




Josie turned 8 on the 8th, a GOLDEN birthday! We had a blast celebrating her day over a long weekend…she is just like her mama wanting to drag her birthday out over several days!

She had a movie themed birthday party and invited 8 of her friends from her 1st grade class at Webster. They played wiffle ball, walked to the park, indoor hockey and then settled in to watch the movie BIG. Yes, the old Tom Hank’s movie…she is an old soul. The boys she invited didn’t seem to enjoy it that much so we paused it and went upstairs for some more fun, pizza, and brownies.

On her actual birthday, Billy took the day off. We went to the Waveland Cafe, enjoyed swimming at Wakonda, then waited for Grandshe to arrive (her first trip to our new house!) and we all packed up to go to Goldie’s…Nothing says Golden Birthday like Goldie’s!

Lastly, on her birthday weekend, her team won their hockey tournament and she received two awards: Player of the game for the final game and MVP for the season! Talk about birthday luck!

8 is really GREAT! Happy Birthday, Josie Girl.


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