Benny update





Lots of FUN things have been happening in the Bemis house. I’m trying to compile a few in one post for Ben.
1. In May, Ben was asked to attend Quinn’s final playhouse class to see the play she had been working on. When we talked about her being on stage, Ben wanted to get her flowers.

2. Love note to mom. When I went to bed one night, I found this note. I had been up late and was exhausted. I was so happy to see this note before bed.

3. More flowers for Quinn. She had a royal ball 5th birthday. It said to wear your best attire, so Ben wore his tuxedo from Uncle Johnny’s wedding and we once again brought Q a flower.

4. On June 3rd, 2015 Ben lost his first tooth! Using the twisty method, it came right out. Ben is first to loose a tooth of the boys and it happened sooner than Josie’s first lost tooth. She was 6 and 4 months. Ben is 5 and 10months. Not a big difference, but hard to believe my baby is loosing teeth!


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