Summer 2015, part 1




WinefestJune4 Billy and I enjoyed a night at Winefest.

WillGoalieTryout Will got to try out for goalie and he is going to play his first game as goalie tomorrow!

SummerWittrockVisitSummerShuffleBoard The Wittrock’s came to town!

SummerSam Sam makes summer fun!

SummerLibrary The kids decided to play a fun game called library. Afterwards they fell asleep on the couch… I really liked this game!

SummerGolfTime for golf lessons!RitterSummer  Playdates with the Ritter’s are always a blast!    GoodFriendsSummer My girls!

JosGirlsRule  Josie just told this crew girls are smarter than boys!   Goldies Ritter’s and Bemis’ love Goldies!

GirlsRuleSummer Thumbs up to two of my favs.

CubbieBearSummer Enjoying the Cubbies suite with good friends!


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