Bemis Boys Update

The boys are growing like weeds, even though I asked them not to. Here are the latest highlights with pictures below:

  1. They both have lost their top right tooth. (Days later Will lost the other top tooth). We thought it would be funny to pose as each other. I asked Ben…how would you pose if you were Will? And he puffed his chest out and tried to look tough. Will instantly put his fingers to his eyes because this is the silly little sign off Ben invented when he wants to strike a pose. It was fun to see how many people we confused. Notice I don’t show Will’s “red marker” birth mark in the photo. It is still there…barely. Growing up fast!
  2. They both were so into the high school basketball game that they wouldn’t move…not even to take off their coats. When I glanced over, I was taken back by how much they look alike…they really are identical.
  3. 100th Day of school, they both brought a cane, put baby powder in their hair, and wore suspenders. Cutest old men I’ve ever seen.
  4. Will’s teacher has an aging app…cool but also creepy.
  5. Today it was 50 degrees. There is a snow storm on its way. We decided to take full advantage of the weather with a bike ride and walk.



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