OK, I’ve done it again….time has passed. I haven’t been keeping up with all the funny things that have happened. I can name several excuses: moving, mergers, board commitments….life! But I am hoping if I start, I can keep it going.

Tonight, after we watched Return of the Jedi (We are officially into Star Wars), I hopped onto Facebook and looked at my memories for this day. This blog popped up.  I read it out loud and we all laughed. Then we read several others and couldn’t stop. The kids loved them. I have the worst memory. As soon as I read each post it took me back to each memory. I realized, I have to keep posting. I don’t want to forget all the fun.

So…here goes….

We are half way through the school year at our new school. The kids are doing great and we couldn’t be happier. Gym and Spanish everyday, early outs on Fridays… those are some of my favorite things. The kids have really enjoyed making new friends.

Josie was asked to go to a friend’s house after school last Friday. The boys would typically play together (benefit of having twins, always someone to play with) or we would go run some errands. Instead, I asked them if they would like to each invite a friend over. Four boys under the age of 6…It went perfect!

Will’s friend was dressed in the same sweatshirt and pants. They got into everything in a matter of minutes: Star Wars, remote control cars, hockey, scooters, etc. Will was on cloud 9 to have someone who could keep up with all the things he wanted to accomplish.

Ben’s friend shares the same name and has the same attitude. They decided to create paintings together of animals they looked up on the iPad. They co-painted them and named each animal. They did four paintings so they each could keep two. They took their time, almost two hours. Afterwards, they decided they should play hide-n-seek.

Neither played better, just different. My heart was skipping a beat. I was so happy that the boys each found a friend jut like them. I’ve said it for years…. we are identical by DNA and not by anything else.

Will and Blake.                                    Ben and Ben.


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