Busy Bemis Bunch

IMG_3155 IMG_3164 IMG_3226 IMG_3208 IMG_3170 IMG_3034For the past several Saturdays, Josie and Ben have been enrolled in Playhouse camps. They loved it and it was a blast for Billy and I do see what they learned. On the final class, they put on a mini-play for the parents. Josie did a Peter Pan based play while Ben sang songs from Dr. Suess. I sang for several weeks afterwards, “A Person’s a person no matter how small!”

All three are still taking piano up at the school. It works out great. They know to head up to the music room and I get there after work.

Will and Ben take gymnastics on Thursdays after piano. Both boys continue to enjoy it. Ben did it all last year, so he is a little more advanced then Will and has no problem letting Will know this.

Ben takes dance on Saturdays….this made it tricky during the playhouse camps but it was only for a few weeks. He is doing a great job.  Most of the students started in August and he jumped in right before Christmas. His teacher continually tells us how impressed she is with him. Who knows, we might have the next Michael Flatley on our hands!

Josie and Will just finished the winter league of roller hockey. It was a great league and a very exciting tournament. The game went into overtime as we were tied 1-1. In a shoot out, our team won. The best part, Will rocked it! It was so exciting to see him really in his groove. He was great on offense and defense. Anytime they shot the puck, Will anticipated where it was going and was already there. Josie always plays great and on the tournament she didn’t disappoint.

Josie and Will are not registering for spring hockey league as they want to try their hand at softball and baseball.

We’ve had some indoor fun on the weekends when we can’t get outside…we played forts in the basement a few times. It’s been a good way to beat the winter blues. Hopefully soon we will be outside more than inside!


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