Hello Nutella!


After four long hours at the allergist….both boys passed the hazelnut challenge today! What does that mean? Well for starters, every nut we pass gets us a better chance to eventually pass peanuts…which is the ultimate goal. We want the boys to not have to worry about Epi pens, ingredient lists, and anaphylactic episodes before they leave our house for college. That would be awesome.

Unfortunately, our allergist informed us today that even though this increases our chances, only 9% of those who suffer from a tree nut allergy actually pass out of all of them. When they were first diagnosed, we were told they have a 20% chance of out growing the allergy. Either way you look at it, this small victory is just that…small. But we will take it!

And tonight for dessert, we will have Nutella for the first time as a family.

Next month, Ben will be attempting to pass out of almonds. Will did it last year. If it works, we’ll have both boys able to digest TWO types of nuts. Fingers crossed!



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