Josie’s Concert

IMG_3325 IMG_3326 IMG_3330 IMG_3339

To kick off our Spring Break, I surprised Josie with tickets to a Disney band she enjoys: R5. I saw on Facebook two days before the concert that tickets were super reasonable. So I got tickets and didn’t tell her till a couple hours before the concert started.

She loved the surprise. It was a great date day as we already had tickets to Sarah Plain and Tall at the Playhouse. We put some shopping and dinner in the mix and we spent the whole day together.

When we were at Bath & Bodyworks, Josie was helping me select candles. She went to get a large candle high up on a shelf and it smashed to the ground. She had tears in her eyes and said I am so sorry. I offered to pay for it, the lady was very nice. She said it wasn’t the first time for the day and it won’t be the last. So now our joke is sniff the candles, but don’t pick them up!

One on one time is so special. I treasured my day with my Josie girl.


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