Easter Fun 2016

IMG_0145 ArtHub ArtHub2 IMG_0135 IMG_3474

Easter this year was very low key, just the 5 of us. We also tried Easter Vigil mass on Saturday. It was very rememberable:

  • Josie was so nervous holding the candle that she had sweaty hands – that doesn’t go good with fire. She tilted the candle and nearly started the pew in front of us on fire.
  • As the new members were being welcomed into the church, Father Vince repeated the same thing to each person. Will was coloring and laughing because he thought it sounded like a Pete and Repeat joke. Will would shake his head and crack up, honestly thinking it was a joke. It made Billy laugh.
  • Ben fell in between the pew and kneeler. When I glanced down to make sure he was ok. He did a big wink and his current little hand gesture that consists of him making a sideways peace sign near his winking eye and shake it.

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