The Year of the Uncles Part I: Colorado

Billy and I decided 2016 would be the year of the uncles. We love to travel to new places, but realize how important it is to make time for family. So we told the kids that in 2016, we will try our best to make to make a visit to all of our uncles.

First stop: Uncle Richie, Aunt Bre, dog cousin Bailey in Colorado!

We had a great trip. It was quick, but we did a ton in a short amount of time. Highlights include:

  • Going to a Avalanche hockey game
  • Walking the beautiful trails around their neighborhood
  • Taking the train into Denver
  • Hiking around Red Rocks (bucket list item for both Billy and me)
  • eating ALL of the delicious meals Aunt Bre made – The kids requested I get all the recipes!


IMG_3652 IMG_3681 IMG_3684



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