Josie turns 9

9. Wow. Almost two full hands are needed to show your age. We have officially hit the halfway mark on your time under our roof. This makes me sad, proud, and want to squeeze you and hold on to you longer. You are such a great kid. Here’s some 9 year old highlights:

  • I thought you needed to start wearing a sports bra, but guess what? You are just muscular. The Doctor said you aren’t developing your chest, you have strong pecks! I was nervous on how this conversation would go, but it’s been great. You were totally cool shopping for sports bras and you were totally fine that you didn’t need them (yet). Your go with the flow attitude is something I admire (let’s be honest, you get this from your dad) and I appreciate more than you know! Not just with this scenario, but with all you do.
  • You played softball for the first time this spring since you were a toddler – you even had a game on your birthday! I loved watching you play the sport I loved to play growing up. You were asked to play a game for a team of 4&5th graders as they were low on players. You were nervous, but you held your own. The coach told you (and me), you are fearless. I couldn’t agree more.
  • You are a head shorter than me and nearly every day you measure yourself on me. I love it and hate it. I love it, because you usually end it with a snuggle, kiss, and a pat on my back that says, “sorry mom, any day now we’ll be the same height!” I hate it because it is a constant reminder that my baby girl is growing right before my eyes.
  • A little before your birthday, we were at my cousin Eric’s wedding. (Actually it was 4/16/16, our wedding anniversary). At the reception, the bride’s dad sang her a song and played the guitar. The second he was done, Billy leaned over to me and said, “I need to do that for Josie.” Within a minute, Josie comes running over jumps on Billy’s lap and said, “Did you see that Dad?! You need to do that for me!” – You two are two peas in a pod. You are a daddy’s girl and I love it. Plus, I don’t think any other kid was paying that close of attention during this serenade. People constantly tell me you are an old soul, moments like this make me realize you are.
  • You are way more comfortable in baggy gym shorts and a tank top (this isn’t something new for age 9), but you can rock a dress like no bodies business. I love this…You aren’t just well rounded when it comes to style, you are well rounded in life. Being confident and comfortable in your own skin is something I hope you never loose.

Happy Birthday to my sweet and smart Josie Girl!

IMG_0368 IMG_0354 IMG_3849 IMG_4682 IMG_4694 IMG_0218


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