Benny boy finds his passion…

For the past few years, Ben has said he has a passion for fashion. He has counseled just about everyone in our family on what to wear. Ben has helped Billy get out of his comfort zone by encouraging Dad to buy purple and pink shirts and ties. I got to tell you, the kid does have a knack for clothes. Every time he picks my outfit or jewelry someone compliments me!

The other day, this was a conversations we had on the way to swim lessons: Josie: “I don’t know why, I just think that Benny is going to grow up to dress like Chris & Jonathan.” Me: (not looking up from stuffing swim gear in bags) “yeah, Ben has style, but what makes you think that?” Jos: “Mom, he’s wearing a fashion scarf to swim lessons.” Ben: (I look up to catch him rolling his eyes) “JOSIE, I’m only wearing it to lessons. I needed a splash of COLOR!”


While Ben still has a strong sense of style, he also has been developing a few more skills….like writing me notes:

IMG_3863 This was a wish list (or demand list) I found after we had a visit with big cousin Maeve who started wearing a little make up.

IMG_4222 This was left on the kitchen table while I was making dinner.

IMG_4351 A few days later, Ben gave me this note…

Ben also has developed a strong passion for dance. He started in December and had his first recital in June. He LOVED it. So  many people came up to him afterwards and said he was the star of the show, I don’t know who was beaming more…his parents or Ben!

IMG_4531 IMG_4592 IMG_4595 I didn’t see what he wrote to his teacher, so on the way to the recital I opened it up to make sure he did a good job. I love how he wrote ” I was made for the stage!” So true Benny boy. So true.



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