Sweet Summer 2016

What a summer! It’s going to be over before we know it, so I wanted to capture a few highlights now:

  • Probably the biggest excitement is that Grandshe moved to Des Moines. She is 10 minutes away and pretty much on our way to everything. It makes swinging by her place so convenient. Like today, we were planning to come straight home after golf because there are flash floods and it’s horrible outside. When we were only going 30mph on the interstate, we made a pit stop at Grandshe’s till the rain let up. Everyone was happy. IMG_4859IMG_5024
  • We’ve had a few trips back to Omaha, always fun to see family and friends! We already have two more trips back to the Big O on the books before school starts!
  • 4th of July was spent here with Jay, Danielle, Jules, James, and Henry. It was a perfect holiday hanging out and having fun. The only downfall was that it wasn’t too warm. The boys golfed, we all went fishing, to the park, on walks to feed the neighbor’s cat, and spent most of the 3rd of July at Wakonda doing face painting, tattoos, water slides, pop dives, and watching synchronized swimming. The fireworks in our front lawn were hard to beat!


  • All three kids have enjoyed golf and swimming. The boys were fast little fish and both earned MVPs for their age group. Will placed 1st for golf and Ben got second. In swimming, Ben got first and Will got second. I told them they will be each other’s biggest competition and cheerleaders. It was kind of a cool lesson since this is the first time they both are competing in the same sport!
  • Josie placed first for golf in her age group, actually her score was better than all the girls! While Josie isn’t as fast as her brothers in the pool, she is still a strong swimmer. She earned an award for most improved as she cut 18 seconds off her swim time. Josie told me she doesn’t love swimming as much as other sports. It opened up a great conversation on how proud I am of her because she is as good of a looser as she is as a winner.  Swimming is the first sport I’ve seen Josie struggle, the kid is a natural athlete! There were kids that cried when they would get last place. Josie never got frustrated and always congratulated her opponents. She has such a positive attitude. At the end, Josie said “So basically, you like to see me loose.” Then she laughed and said, “Just kidding mom, I know what you mean!”



One thought on “Sweet Summer 2016

  1. Marilou

    She must get her positive outlook from her grandshe and my cousin, Sheila! She’s always smiling! ♡♡♡


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