Will’s determination

What I love about Will, well there is a ton I love about this kid, but one thing is how he tackles life. He is small and mighty. He has the determination of a big kid, but he is also cautious when trying new things (always has been). This will serve him well later in life. Will thinks things out before he jumps in, but when Will decides to do something he gives it his all.

IMG_4637 For instance, when the kid orders a burger, it’s as big as his face. He isn’t shy when it comes to spice and the more toppings the better. I once witnessed Will eat a bacon, fried egg, burger with a side of fries and ice cream for dessert. I love his determination, and his spice for food and life.

IMG_4567 When Josie’s bestie comes to visit, it is no longer just Josie and Lane hanging out. Will has worked his way in with the big kids and couldn’t be happier. He can keep up with them in the pool or hockey. Either way, make room for mini-Lane as Will is just like our buddy Lane (always has been!)

IMG_4657  Will is one of the BEST chore tacklers ever. He doesn’t half way do his assignments, he is so thorough, I love it! If I want something done well and not rushed, I can give it to Will and know he’ll do a great job.

IMG_4580 WillBaseball This year Will played baseball for the first time and did fantastic! He learned how to slide, he loved being a part of the team, and he had so much fun with his friends. Will has wheels, he was the fastest kid in kindergarten to run a full lap at Puppy Dog relays during school. It’s been fun to see him book it on the baseball field!


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