End of Sweet Summer 2016

I’m a little behind on blogs, so while it’s officially fall y’all, I’m going to give a few more facts about Sweet Summer 2016:

  • We finished our deck project! Bring on camp fires in the fire pit…more importantly when trees fall we can burn them! We’ve had 27 feet of one tree break off from a bad wind storm. Another tree was split in half after being hit by lightning. After that storm, another storm knocked over what was remaining. Last year was our first fall here, and we bagged 38 bags of leaves… This fire pit will come in handy!

img_5154 img_5352 img_5973 img_5989

  • We brought Grandshe with us to our annual trip to Indianola for the hot air balloon festival. We found a keepsake artwork to remind us of this annual expedition…a tin hot air balloon now hangs in our basement bathroom.


  • Billy and I got a quick trip to Portland in as I tagged along to his August board meeting.
  • Our last few weeks of summer were spent celebrating the boys birthday (in Omaha and in Des Moines), catching up with friends, and getting ready to head back to school.

img_5528 img_5535 img_5572 img_5573 img_5586 img_5638 img_5668 img_5694 img_5713 img_5770


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