First Cast in The Bemis House

It was the second week of school and Will was giving a dare. Will is a very determined boy. If someone tells him he can’t do something, Will has to prove them wrong. So when his buddy Luke said he didn’t think Will could hang from the glider, Will needed to show Luke he could!

The glider is banned for kindergartners, because it is too high up. If a little kid fell from it, they could get really injured. Unfortunately for my kids, they are the size of some kindergartners!

Will jumped up and grabbed the glider. He was cruising down the line when he started to loose his grip. He let go with his right hand, then his left, and landed on his right elbow…The nurse splinted it till I got him home. When I took it off, I knew he was in trouble. It was sticking out, really swollen by his elbow.

We went to the doctor’s office that afternoon. They did some x-rays and didn’t see anything. He was given a sling and they told us to ice it and keep it in the sling for a week. It was Wednesday. By the time we got to Friday, I could tell the swelling was down but it still didn’t look right. I called the doctor’s office again. They said to just wait till next week. Over the weekend, I took him into the specialist’s walk in clinic. They x-rayed again, focusing on his elbow, and splinted it. By the time we hit the one week mark we were in a full arm cast.

He had it on for two weeks. They said it was most likely a small hairline stress fracture in the growth plate by his elbow. It didn’t show up on the x-rays, but he clearly had something wrong since he couldn’t straighten his arm.

After two weeks, Will took about another week to be able to straighten his arm. He was finally back to his old self. Will was anxious to play soccer, RUN, and play piano.

img_5883 img_5913 img_5948 img_5970

  1. Home from Doctor’s office.
  2. Home from 3 hours at the walk in clinic and we received cookies from our buddy Blake and family.
  3. The cast was officially put on one week after the incident.
  4. Shooting hoops with Dad, one of the few things he could do without running! Will only has one speed – super fast. This was our biggest challenges.

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