So is Me…

Ben has a couple things he loves to say:

  • “Literally”  – One day he was banned from saying “Literally” because he said it so much. On the bright side, he uses it in the correct context.
  • “So is me” – this is one he has said since we was three. I need to jot it down because I am afraid the days of him saying it are going to be over soon. He says this when he agrees with someone or wants something too.

When Will had a cast, Ben got to fill in for him on his soccer team. It was great for him to try something new and Ben felt so important. Without him, the team didn’t have enough players! On the first game, the coach wasn’t sure if the other team and ref would be mad that we had a sub. So to play it safe, we decided we better just call Ben by the name of Will. It was funny and entertaining.

Thankfully Will only had his cast for two weeks. Ben was missing a lot of dance to fill in. And let’s be honest, dance is still Ben’s passion.

Lastly, Ben is addicted to discovering new countries. He currently has flags of Venezuela, Spain, Argentina, Nepal, and Finland on his door. He looked them all up and created them. He falls asleep with a book of maps and a globe in his bed more often then not. Ben loves to talk about where he will go to study abroad and live. He daydreams about this almost as much as he thinks about having a dog!

img_5849 img_6004 img_6017


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