Full House

In November, for 10 days, my house was full of 10 people: 6 kids and 4 adults. While we had fun with our cousins while their parents were in Mexico, we all slept well each night (well all but Henry…thanks Grandma and Grandpa for taking the night shift!). It was a pretty tiring week. Throw in a emotionally charged election, Daylight savings time change, the boys annual blood draws for nut testing, during our month of give thanks project, and more….I felt like a warrior when we came out on the other side of those 10 days!

When I look back at the pictures and think of the memories that were made, it makes it all worth while. Also, I must note, Josie might be the best big cousin out there. She would read to James while he was on the potty, follow Henry around to make sure he was safe on the stairs, play Barbies with Jules, and keep all the adults entertained. Josie stepped up to the plate when I needed her each day. Ben and Will were patient with their little cousins too! When everyone left, we let the kids pick out a toy using their own money because they totally earned it!

14937240_10209260991494896_1996435302242825696_nI14947488_10209243457536558_4045951392061836233_n 14962545_10209253090097366_1948124307151923411_n 14992069_10209249658891588_90968405784536576_n 15027927_10209264048531320_1458062144262869218_n 15073361_10209264049571346_9131466962074532974_nIn


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