That’s a Wrap!

2016 November and December highlights:

  • Uncle Danny came for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a treat to see him both holidays as he usually only comes home for Christmas.
  • We went to our first football game in Iowa City, unfortunately the Huskers decided to not show up. The game was a blow out. On the bright side, we got to take the double decker train from the mall to the field. The kids loved it.
  • We successfully completed another jello dive at the Maher house and I learned how to get red jello out of new white shirts 🙂
  • All three had another fun 6 weeks in Science Club at school.
  • We experienced our first Santa brunch at Wakonda. The kids loved the candy room the best. I loved the mimosas, Billy loved the food.
  • Ben had observation week at dance, and Grandshe and I witnessed what pure joy looks like.
  • I turned another year older, no need to go into numbers.
  • The kids performed a trio at the school talent show singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Grandshe cried. They did awesome.
  • Josie also performed a piano song. At the end she “dabbed” instead of bowing.
  • We did our traditional outing to “Holly Jolly Lights” for Make a Wish.
  • We had the BEST Christmas EVER. Seriously…We hosted my side of the family for a couple of days then hit the road Christmas day to spend time with the Bemis crew. For the first time, we weren’t playing a ping pong match to try and see everyone while in Omaha. It was great.
  • We got to meet our new baby cousin Jackson! We all couldn’t get enough of his little smiles, what a cutie.



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