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Summer, Summer, Summer time!

We are getting closer to the end of summer and I don’t think any of us want it to be over! We are having a blast. Here are our July highlights:

  • 4th of July weekend, we went to our friend’s lake house. They have all the fun lake toys: boat, tube, kayak, stand up paddle board…the kids were entertained (and so were the parents). We got to watch fireworks from the boat in the middle of the lake. Wendy and I did early morning walks. It was a perfect get-a-way.
  • On the 4th of July, Ben had his debut show of synchronized swimming. He rocked it! He had a solo to the Lion King’s “I just can’t wait to be King”, duet to “Anything you can do, I can do better”, and a group dance to “Cuban Pete”. The team welcomed him with open arms and Ben had the time of his life! At the end of the season, he ended up getting first in all of the above for his age division against the other country clubs.
  • The boys finished up their swim team season. They had so much fun. I loved having something to do everyday at the start of summer, now I am looking forward to more down time and hanging at home.
  • Josie and Will wrapped up golf lessons. They both got 2nd place in their age division in the final competition.
  • I rode my bike across Iowa, well part of Iowa. RAGBRAI was fantastic.
  • Billy got in as much golf as he could.

That’s a Wrap!

2016 November and December highlights:

  • Uncle Danny came for Thanksgiving and Christmas. It was a treat to see him both holidays as he usually only comes home for Christmas.
  • We went to our first football game in Iowa City, unfortunately the Huskers decided to not show up. The game was a blow out. On the bright side, we got to take the double decker train from the mall to the field. The kids loved it.
  • We successfully completed another jello dive at the Maher house and I learned how to get red jello out of new white shirts ūüôā
  • All three had another fun 6 weeks¬†in Science Club at school.
  • We experienced our first Santa brunch at Wakonda. The kids loved the candy room the best. I loved the mimosas, Billy loved the food.
  • Ben had observation week at dance, and Grandshe and I witnessed what pure joy looks like.
  • I turned another year older, no need to go into numbers.
  • The kids performed a trio at the school talent show singing “Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Grandshe cried. They did awesome.
  • Josie also performed a piano song. At the end she “dabbed” instead of bowing.
  • We did¬†our traditional outing to “Holly Jolly Lights” for Make a Wish.
  • We had the BEST Christmas EVER. Seriously…We hosted my side of the family for a couple of days then hit the road Christmas day to spend time with the Bemis crew. For the first time, we weren’t playing a ping pong match to try and see everyone while in Omaha. It was great.
  • We got to meet our new baby cousin Jackson!¬†We all couldn’t get enough of his little smiles, what a cutie.



The boys discovered Looney Tunes right before Halloween. They started watching them on YouTube and fell in love with the cartoon characters just like we did as kids.

They decided to be Looney Tunes for Halloween. I was so excited they came up with a theme! BUT Looney Tunes aren’t exactly popular now so I had to create their costumes….I think they turned out well.

Josie wanted to be Chewy from StarWars. While I would have loved her to match the boys, she came up with her idea long before the boys. PLUS her costume involved buying a talking mask (totally have gotten our moneys worth on that) and hooded pajamas from Target, score!

This year, we were at the Syverson’s for trick-or-treating. For the first time ever, the girls (Quinn and Jos) stayed out longer than the boys and hit up a14691100_10209070167644419_671490274001326161_n 14937197_10154040119976989_360724144444379479_n¬†few extra houses.

Sweet Summer 2016

What a summer! It’s going to be over before we know it, so I wanted to capture a few highlights now:

  • Probably the biggest excitement is that Grandshe moved to Des Moines. She is 10 minutes away and pretty much on our way to everything. It makes swinging by her place so convenient. Like today, we were planning to come straight home after golf because there are flash floods and it’s horrible outside. When we were only going 30mph on the interstate, we made a¬†pit stop at Grandshe’s till the rain let up. Everyone was happy.¬†IMG_4859IMG_5024
  • We’ve had a few trips back to Omaha, always fun to see family and friends! We already have two more trips back to the Big O on the books before school starts!
  • 4th of July was spent here with Jay, Danielle, Jules, James, and Henry. It was a perfect holiday hanging out and having fun. The only downfall was that it wasn’t too¬†warm. The boys golfed, we all went fishing, to the park, on walks to feed the neighbor’s cat, and spent most of the 3rd of July at Wakonda doing face painting, tattoos, water slides, pop dives, and watching synchronized swimming. The fireworks in our front lawn were hard to beat!


  • All three kids have enjoyed¬†golf and swimming. The boys were fast little fish and both earned MVPs for their age group. Will placed 1st for golf and Ben got second. In swimming, Ben got first and Will got second. I told them they will be each other’s biggest competition and cheerleaders. It was kind of a cool lesson since this is the first time they both are competing in the same sport!
  • Josie placed first for golf in her age group, actually¬†her score was better than all the girls! While Josie isn’t as fast as her brothers in the pool, she is still a strong swimmer. She earned an award for most improved as she cut 18 seconds off her swim time. Josie told me she doesn’t love swimming as much as other sports. It opened up a great conversation on how proud I am of her because she is as good of a looser as she is as a winner. ¬†Swimming is the first sport I’ve seen Josie struggle, the kid is a natural athlete! There were kids that cried when they would get last place. Josie never got frustrated and always congratulated her opponents. She has such a positive attitude. At the end, Josie said “So basically, you like to see me loose.” Then she laughed and said, “Just kidding mom, I know what you mean!”


The Year of Uncles Part II: Las Vegas

Over Memorial Day weekend, also known as Uncle Johnny’s birthday weekend, we went to Las Vegas for our second uncle trip of the year. It was perfect, well except poor Ben had a stomach bug the first day…but he was a total trooper. And thankfully no one else got it.

We did a ton of swimming in John & Meredith’s pool. We checked out the Container Park, which is this cool outdoor¬†stage with live music, large legos for kids to play, a gigantic slide and playground and it is surrounded by different restaurants and stores. WAY cool.

We also got to spend time with our horse cousin Lilly! The kids got to take turns riding Lilly, brushing her and feeding her as well as Lilly’s horse friends.

We also got to check out our soon to be cousin Jackson’s nursery. It was so fun.

IMG_4469 IMG_4421 IMG_4443 IMG_4463

Easter Fun 2016

IMG_0145 ArtHub ArtHub2 IMG_0135 IMG_3474

Easter this year was very low key, just the 5 of us. We also tried Easter Vigil mass on Saturday. It was very rememberable:

  • Josie was so nervous holding the candle that she had sweaty hands – that doesn’t go good with fire. She tilted the candle and nearly started the pew in front of us on fire.
  • As the new members were being welcomed into the church, Father Vince repeated the same thing to each person. Will was coloring and laughing because he thought it sounded like a Pete and Repeat joke. Will would shake his head and crack up, honestly thinking it was a joke. It made Billy laugh.
  • Ben fell in between the pew and kneeler. When I glanced down to make sure he was ok. He did a big wink and his current little hand gesture that consists of him making a sideways peace sign near his winking eye and shake it.

Spring Break 2016

We didn’t go out of town…we loved just being home! Some highlights:

  • Billy had a March Madness gathering in the afternoon and evening.
  • While the above was taking place, the kids and I went to the spa – first and most likely last time I take three kids for pedicures. Not because they were bad, but because it was bad on my wallet. Ben is the only one that has experienced a pedicure and no longer can have the bragging rights.
  • We celebrated St. Patty’s Day with green mustaches and pastrami and rye sandwiches.
  • We met up with Sam, who was home from college.

IMG_3406 IMG_3379 IMG_3419